3,000 miles to Philly! Eat Here!


S&H Menu

 Hot Steak Sandwiches – Served with Grilled Onions and Tomato Sauce


$7.50 Cheese Steak
$8.00 Pepper Cheese Steak
$8.00 Mushroom Cheese Steak
$8.50 Pepper Mushroom Cheese Steak
$8.50 Pizza Steak – Mushroom and lots of Mozzarella
$8.50 Hoagie Steak – Raw Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese and Grilled Mushrooms
$7.25 Hot Vegetarian – Grilled Onions, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers with Mozzarella
$8.75 Hot Pastrami – Grilled Onions, Mustard, Pickles with Mozzarella
$8.50 Meatball – Mozzarella, Parmesaean Cheese


Cold Hoagie Sandwiches – Served With Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Italian Dressing, Oregano and Mayo


$8.25 Italian Hoagie – Ham, Salami and Cheese (no mayo)
$8.25 Turkey Hoagie – Turkey and Cheese
$8.25 Beef Hoagie – Roast Beef and Cheese
$8.75 Tuna Cheese Hoagie
$8.75 Pastrami Hoagie – Pastrami and Cheese
$7.00 Cheese Hoagie – Vegetarian
$8.25 Ham Hoagie


We Also Feature…


$4.50 Burgers – We grind our own Rib-Eye for Ya
$5.00 Burger with Cheese
$3.75 Dogs 1/4 lbs. All Beef
$4.25 Dogs with Cheese
$2.75 Fries – Fresh Cut Potatoes with Skins (1/2 $1.75)
$2.75 Home Made Potato Chips (Monday’s Only)


Salads – Shredded and Chopped Lettuce with Mixed Veggies, Choice of Dressing or Rice Vinegar.  Served with a Roll and Butter


$6.00 Veggie Salad (add Meat $2.00)
$6.25 Hoagie Salad – Meats and Cheeses
$6.25 Turkey Salad
$6.25 Tuna Salad
$6.75 Hot Chicken Salad
$6.75 Hot Steak Salad

Make it a BOMB! Extra Meat and Extra Cheese! Add $2.75

1/2 BOMB Add $1.75 



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